The Survivor
James Herbert

“It had been one of the worst crashes in airline history, killing over 300 people and leaving only one survivor. Now the dead were buried and town of eton tried to forget. But one man could not rest. Keller had walked from the flames of the wreck, driven on by unseen forces, seeking the answer to his own survival. Until the town was forced to face the shocking, dreadful truth about what was buried in the old graveyard. And a truth Keller did not want to believe…” (Synopsis & illustration taken from cover)

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The Survivor


1 extreme fear or terror. 2 intense hatred: she had a horror of violence. 3 a thing or person causing fear, loathing, or distate. adj 4 having a frightening subject, usually concerned with the supernatural: a horror film. [Latin: a trembling with fear]

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