James Herbert

“There is a house, hidden away in a small valley, that holds a dark and dreadful secret. The house is called Neath. There is a psychic who lives in that house who is part of its secret. His name is Kline. There is a guardian of the house, and of the psychic, and of the secret. He is known as The Keeper. Together, in unholy union, they serve a force who existence threatens mankind itself. But now a terrible danger is sensed and an outsider must protect them all. The outsider is Halloran, and he is unaware of the insidious evil he must face. He will learn of a multinational corporation’s strange method of detecting new mineral resources; he will combat men who thrive on the worst of physical corruption; he will find love of a perverse nature; he will confront the darkness of his own soul. And eventually Halloran will discover the horrific and awesome secret of the Sepulchre….” (Synopsis & illustration taken from cover)

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1 extreme fear or terror. 2 intense hatred: she had a horror of violence. 3 a thing or person causing fear, loathing, or distate. adj 4 having a frightening subject, usually concerned with the supernatural: a horror film. [Latin: a trembling with fear]

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