Part two of the chilling TV adaptation of James The Secret Of Crickley Hall is on TV tonight here in the UK… 9pm BBC1… Who’s tuning in for part 2? We certainly will be!

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2 Responses to Part Two of The Secret Of Crickley Hall Tonight – 9pm BBC1

  1. John Oliver says:

    His first book The Rats got me into reading books, I thank him for that.
    I have read all his books and was always looking forward to the next.

    He will be sadly missed

  2. Simeon Hanson says:

    I remember being scared out of my wits when aged 10 and first reading The Fog in school before being told off for reading ‘inappropriate’ literature in school. I was hooked since then over twenty years ago !!!!! A sad loss to literature and such a bright light of talent has moved from this world to the next. Thank you for all of you books, for ever page of wonder that had me gripped with fear, anxiety and suspense. Bless you