It is with great sadness that I have to make this post and one that I didn’t think I would have to do, but sadly James passed away peacefully in his bed this morning.

Below is the official press release from his publishers Pan MacMillan.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.

For immediate release, Wednesday 20 March 2013

James Herbert OBE

It is with great regret that Pan Macmillan announces the death of bestselling novelist, James Herbert OBE.   James, aged 69, died peacefully in his bed this morning at his home in Sussex.

James Herbert was born in London’s East End on 8 April 1943.  At the age of ten, he won a scholarship to St. Aloysius Grammar School, Highgate, and aged sixteen started studying graphic design, print and photography at the renowned Hornsey College of Art.  He then found work in an advertising agency where he rose to the rank of Art Director and Group Head.

He began writing his first novel when he was 28.  Ten months later he had completed The Rats, conjuring a London overrun by mutant, flesh-eating rodents.  He submitted the manuscript to six publishers, three of whom replied.  Of those, two rejected the novel and one accepted it.  At its publication in 1974, the first printing of 100,000 copies sold out in three weeks, firmly establishing him as Britain’s leading writer of horror and one of the country’s greatest popular novelists.

The author of twenty-three novels, James Herbert was published in 34 languages including Russian and Chinese and has sold over 54 million copies worldwide.  They include The Fog, The Dark, The Survivor, The Magic Cottage, Sepulchre, Haunted, Fluke and Creed, and of course The Rats trilogy, all considered to be classics of the genre, while his later bestsellers including Portent, The Ghosts of Sleath, ’48, Others, Once…, Nobody True and The Secret of Crickley Hall all enhanced his reputation as a writer of depth and originality.

Four of his novels, The Rats, The Survivor, Fluke and Haunted were made into films. The Magic Cottage was dramatized for Radio 4 and more recently, last December, The Secret of Crickley Hall was aired as a three-part serial on BBC One.

The paperback of his 23rd novel, Ash, was published just last week.

James Herbert was awarded the OBE in the 2010 Birthday Honours list, the same year he was made the Grand Master of Horror by the World of Horror Convention.  James’ popularity with his fans was at its peak in the last few months with a series of sell out public events across the country.

He married his wife, Eileen, in 1967; she survives him with their three daughters, Kerry, Emma, and Casey.

Macmillan Publisher, Jeremy Trevathan, James Herbert’s editor for ten years, says,

“Jim Herbert was one of the keystone authors in a genre that had its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s a true testament to his writing and his enduring creativity that his books continued to be huge bestsellers right up until his death. He has the rare distinction that his novels were considered classics of the genre within his lifetime. His death marks the passing of one of the giants of popular fiction in the 20th century.”

For more information, please contact Liz Sich at Four Colman Getty on 020 3023 9040/07956 612380; or Katie James at Pan Macmillan on 0207 014 6180 or email


114 Responses to Very Sad News!!!

  1. Tina says:

    Our thoughts here at are with James’ family and friends at this very sad time. He was truly a great author and loved by many people, he will be sadly missed.

    Tina & Justin

    • joanne joyce says:

      This is very sad news only just heard about his death what a wonderful author am sure many would agree James Herbert is one of a kind there wont ever be another who keep you on the edge of your seat at the turn of every page! He is completely unforgetable and his books as well as his memory will always live on.Thankyou Mr Herbert.x

    • Eric Horniman says:

      He will be missed greatly. Loved his work since I first read the Rats

    • Alan says:

      I am ashamed to say I have only just learned the news about my favorite author
      A friend of mine left a well worn copy of the Fog at my house may years ago
      I picked up the book with curiosity and read the entire book within a few days
      I was then hooked and have been ever since
      I am sad to know that there will be no more but after finishing Ash, I have dug out my collection and started reading The Rats and will continue with the rest
      Gone but definitely will not be forgotten, not in my nightmares anyway

    • DAVE DEMAINE says:

      this was very very sad news indeed of James Herbert”s death. i had just finished ASH and was on the second chapter of “THE GHOSTS OF SLEATH” my third time reading it. I first read “THE RATS” IN 1974 at my grandmothers cottage in sussex. What an excellent horror story. it haunted me for years [and still does] there is no substitute for James Herbert his books will live on and on.i had a letter from him once after reading “OTHERS” which was set in Brighton Sussex.i thought it a gruelling book , but James said in the letter it was also gruelling to write.I was sad that he killed off Constance [a person in the book] he replied- “if it is any consolation Dave she is coming to dinner tonight a good friend”. T hank you James all your books will always be on my shelves. We will miss you. Rest in peace.

    • Tracy-ann Martin says:

      As many others, I am a huge fan and his loss in the book world will not be filled by any other author. He was and is unique as his work will still be read again and again all around the world. My own mother recently passed also the same age and a Londoner herself which has left gaping hole but I always strive to remembering those we love as great inspirations in my life. They both did this, I have just finished my own debut novel which I always knew I had in me too but none the less had to get it out and finished it just before mum passed so she didn’t get to read it although she knew the heroine had the same name and I used lots of history from our family in the process. I know she was proud. Thank you James, great inspiration to many. Tracy-ann x

  2. Derek Gregson says:

    A true giant in his chosen field. Fans of the genre will have little to look forward to now, as James Herbert was truly one of a kind. RIP.

  3. Eleannor Waite says:

    Bought Ash only this morning. Completed collection now.

    My condolences to his family.

  4. lizabbott says:

    my fave author only read his books , the bookshelfs will never be the same , couldnt wait for the next book to arrive . gone but not forgotten My dad passed away on this day to so know how it feels My thoughts are with you all:((

  5. talaya seeley says:

    I was pregnant with my first child when I started reading your books. Most mums get addicted to things like fish fingers or mayonnaise or coal. I became addicted to your books! I started going to the market and buying 2nd hand paperbacks and found ‘The Rats’ after that I was so regular the stall owner stopped charging me and just let me use him as a library. I could read some of your books in an afternoon and read them out loud to my bump! My favourites? Secret Cottage and Once. I not only thank you for your stories but I thank for the lovely memories I have of reading them. See ya later alligator xx

    • marie darwin says:

      So sad to just hear the passing of James, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family, my favourite author, could not wait to see him in liverpool, sadly that wont happen now.. Once is one of favourite books ever..x

  6. Miranda says:

    Sincere condolences to all who knew this brilliant man, James will never be forgotten, his books ensure he will live on in our hearts… The world has lost a great British author.

  7. Karen Jobson says:

    Absolutely devastated, what an amazing horror writer! Have read every one of James’ books – each and every one totally unputdownable! My thoughts are with his family.

  8. Mark Vella says:

    Without a doubt the finest writer of horror fiction – this is the saddest of news – the thought of no more great books has left this world (and my world) an emptier place – my condolences to his family – RIP Mr Herbert – you were the best

  9. eddie keefe says:

    will be sadly missed what a great writer ,Our thoughts are with James’ family and friends at this very sad time. He was truly a great author ,his books will live on

  10. kate says:

    I started my James Herbert journey with The Rats continued through the subsequent novels, every one a work of genius and sadly it has ended with Ash. My favourite one ever being Others, which still makes me weep everytime I read it..haunting brilliance. Thank you James for writing intelligent horror. No more novels to eagerly will be missed. God Bless.

  11. eddie keefe says:

    what a great writer Our thoughts for his family and friends at this very sad time.
    his work will live on

  12. Ellen Mitton says:

    I’m absolutely gutted to hear of his death, the first book I ever read of his is fluke, it got me gripped n I went on to read the rats, the lair and the domain and from there many others, I haven’t had a lot of time to read over the last few years so I still have many of his newer books to read…..R.I.P James Herbert, my introduction to horror, you will be sadly missed by your army of fans x x <3

  13. Tracy says:

    I am really saddened by the news of James’s passing..he was and always will be my favourite author ..I only finished “Ash” last week and sorry that there will be no more….my heart felt sympathies go out to all of his family at this sad time xx

  14. anne cryer-whitehead says:

    Very sad news. James was my favourite author. I have so many now tatty books as they are read and re-read. You never get bored with reading such quality books. I’m so gutted. Rest in.peace James.

  15. Steven Hall says:

    Read every book the great man wrote and was never able to put any one of them down. This from a non reader as such but after the first Rats that I came across by accident whilst working nights I was hooked. My family used to use his novels as either birthday or Xmas present opportunities because they knew it would bring a smile to my face and they wouldn’t see me till the book was read. Sincere condolences to James’s family we have lost a legend but more importantly you have lost family. I hope you can take solace in this anecdote. RIP James Herbert

  16. Helen Olliver says:

    One of my favorite authors, a great loss to the literary world. Condolences to his family, he will be sorely missed by everyone. RIP

  17. Leigh says:

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Jim because your writing enriched my own life beyond measure. There are no words to describe the endless hours of pleasure that i derived from the roller coaster ride of emotions that I experienced every time I read one of your books.
    Although your legion of fans, including myself, will despair at the thought that there will be never be another such book, my thoughts are with your family at this time. They have lost so much more than a favourite author.

    RIP JIm

  18. andrew elwen-hodgson says:

    One of the best authers ever.Reading ash at the moment one of his best books. My condolences to his family

  19. Christine says:

    I remember my dad reading Fluke to me when I was about eight. To this day it has remained one of my favourite books. I would listen to a chapter every night and still think of ‘Rumbo’ every time I see a squirrell :-) Thank you Mr Herbert for your wonderful books. May you rest in peace.

  20. David Priest says:

    Our deepest sympathies go out to James’s family .
    We have every book that James wrote ,both fiction and non fiction .He has been one of our favorite authors for so many years .
    God Bless you James may you rest in peace.

  21. Judith walker says:

    What a terrible loss. No more JH books to look forward to. Cannot beleive this terrible news, I send my condolences to James family,
    I have been a JH fan since I read his first book, wow was I scared. (the rats)

  22. Diane says:

    It began with me in the 70’s , my addiction to horror. It contunues to this day but the addiction was James., what will I do now! My deepest sympathies to James’s family.

  23. Vanessa Reeve says:

    Been a fan since the 1970’s, have every book in first edition hardback, can’t believe I won’t be buying another. May he find his own special “Dark Place” in which to rest. Will be so missed, there are so few authors writing in this style these days. Kind thoughts to his family and friends. Vanessa.

  24. Pat says:

    Very very sad news indeed. A great writer in his field. Loved his books. My thoughts are with his family at this time.

  25. chris mallett says:

    best author ever, our loss is gods sincere sympathies to his family and friends.god bless james.

    • chris mallett says:

      So sad to hear of the death of james herbert,my sincere condolences to his family and author ever.r.i.p james.

  26. Rebecca Robinson says:

    My deepest heartfelt condolences to James’s wife & daughters. James’s books have kept me spellbound since the early 80s when I was about 10years old. What a blessing he was to the literary world. May he be rewarded richly in heaven for all he gave to the world. May angels guide you safely to your rest, James. Always a legend. Xxx

  27. Paul collins says:

    So so gutted to hear this news.i started reading the fog in 1976 and from then bought every book as soon as they came out(after buying rats and survivor which came out b4 fog). Couldn’t wait for the next instalment and never bothered waiting for the paperback as I was too excited to read it. Always been my absolute favourite author and I am so upset at this news and the knowledge we will never again enjoy a new book fom James. God bless u and sincere sympathy to your family. You were truly a fantastic writer and after 36 years of loving your books, and looking fwd to the next, life will never ever be the same again.A true giant, and will be so so sadly missed. It’s like losing one of the family the news is so sad.

  28. Ronald Verheyen says:

    I was shocked by hearing this sad news. I had the privilage to be invited at his house inj Sussex. I will never forget that. I can’t believe that I saw him the last time in London last year Foyles book signing.
    Rest in peace Jim.

  29. Geoff Bond says:

    Very sad news.
    I grew up reading James books, and at night I still see that little piece of the room that is just a bit Darker than the rest….
    Thank you James for keeping me awake at night!!
    Condolences to family and friends
    You will be missed.

  30. David E. Wallis. says:

    Very sad news. Thanks for making growing up that more interesting. RIP.

  31. Steve Herdman says:

    I started to read The Rats when I was working nights many years ago,and went on to read every novel since, having just retired at christmas I have just started to reread my collection of James Herbert books and am sad that there will be no more.
    Condolences to family and friends
    Thanks for the memories RIP.

  32. John Oliver says:

    His first book The Rats got me into reading,
    I read it in 2 days and have looked forward to his books ever since

    Condolences to family and friends
    You will be missed.

  33. Alison Wood says:

    I have just finished His Latest and Sadly last book Ash. An absolutely fantastic book as were all the others What a sad loss to the book world a truly wonderful writer. Please accept my Condolences to family and friends., you will be sadly missed.

  34. Susie Jones says:

    So sad to hear that the great James Herbert has sadly passed away. Condolences to his family & friends. Now what do I read ?? You we’re brilliant God bless.

  35. John Brender says:

    I was at “Ally’s Wash house” [St Aloysius College] with “Skinny Jim”, same year different class, different house. We were both from East London and good friends in school.
    One of the “normal” grammar school boys, he was witty, a bit of a devil, no academic but a talented artist.
    Occasional catholic as most of us were, and a useless CCF cadet.
    Requiescat in Pace Jim.

  36. Nick Jackson says:

    Terrible news. For every other author I always waited for the paperback, but with James I had to buy the hardback as soon as it hit the shelves. Loved, and will always love, his books. A huge influence on the genre; for me, the greatest horror writer of them all. So sad there will never be a new James Herbert book, but really that must be nothing to what his wife, his daugthers, and all who knew him will be feeling now. My most heartfelt sympathies go out to you all.

  37. Marc Vlecken says:

    Very sad news. I bought his last book ‘Ash’ last week. I’ve read most of his novels – I still don’t know whether I have to call him the British Stephen King, or vice versa, call S. King the American James Herbert. They both belong to the very best authors in their field. I’ve never understood why he was not very well known in my country (Belgium). Of course I didn’t know him personally, but, like Stephen King, he appeared to be a very nice person. He’s one of the greatest. My deep sympathy for his wife, daughters, friends and co-operators.

  38. Greg Lindsay-Smith says:

    I am shattered by the news. A lot is said of the effect that JK Rowling has had upon literacy for the young of the current generations. James had the same effect upon mine. Always underestimated by the glitterati denying the fine craftsman and author he was. A true hero of mine and many. I feel so sad for his family and wish them well and thank them for their support of a true creative genius that re-ignited horror fiction.

  39. Jason Reade says:

    The Rats trilogy, The Fog and The Dark are the most exciting stories ever written. I have been re-reading them for almost forty years and they will never be surpassed. He was not the English Stephen King,he was James Herbert and will be remembered on his own merits as the greatest and most inspiring horror writer of all time. Gutted. Now I am going to start again from The Rats,work my way through and then start again. Always Remembered.

  40. Kara Cloynes says:

    Such sad news. I loved James Herberts books of which ‘Haunted’, ‘The Ghosts of Sleath’ and The Secret of Crickley Hall were particular favorites.
    He was such a wonderful writer who made the imagination (or my imagination anyway) work in ways it had never done before, I will most certainly miss his books.
    R.I.P. to a true book writing legend

  41. Sean says:

    Oh No. RIP James. And my condolences to his family. I absolutely adored his work growing up. I read The Rats as a teenager and got totally hooked on his style of horror, proceeding to read a lot of his other books after. I even loved the one he was apparently most proud of, which wasn’t really horror, Fluke. I haven’t read some of his later books, but will read Ash as a tribute to the fella. His stories flowed, were always gripping and sometimes I would read late into the night because I just couldn’t put the book down. No better acolade for an author than that. I also felt a bit of a closeness to him because I grew up near Henfield Sussex and while I was reading his books realised he was just round the corner!

  42. Jan says:

    I was in bed last night reading, for about the 4th time, The Jonah, when my daughter text me to tell me she’s heard on the news that James had died!
    I felt terribly sad, I’ve been a huge fan since the 70’s, I was hooked from his first book. I haven’t really got a favourite but I must say Fluke would probably be it if I did have to choose, I actually believed in reincarnation for a long time after reading it, but James did that to you, he made everything come to life, you knew what the characters looked like, how they spoke and you wondered if the things he wrote about could actually happen, or HAVE actually happened already. It seems ages since I’ve read Ash, but I’m still left wondering if there ever was or still is, a place where people with money can just disappear to, he made it seem so real!
    There are no other fiction books in my house, (I once bought a Steven King novel and got bored within the first chapter) as he’s the only author I’ve ever connected with, and with no more books to look forward to, reading will never be the same.
    RIP James Herbert, you were loved and will be missed x

  43. Rog Gray says:

    James Herbert was my major reading influence through my school years and onwards, The rats was such a great baptism into reading horror novels and stayed that way ’til now, my heart goes out to his family for their loss, a very sad day indeed.

  44. Mark says:

    In the middle of reading Ash when i heard this sad news. Great man, great writer. My condolences to his family. Will finish Ash now with a heavy heart, R.I.P James.

  45. Debbie mann says:

    So sad to hear this news,my first JH book was the shrine and have enjoyed every book since. Once started could not put down until read. The only author to make the book come to life. Will be sadly missed.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

  46. sharron says:

    my deepest sympathy goes to james family and friends I feel like I lost a friend one that made me shiver and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up ive loved his books for over thirty years and reread them all they never fail to make me shiver crickley hall is a favourite I have just been given a kindle fire and yes ive down loaded my James Herbert collection such a sad loss to the world and nothing to look forward to rest in peace xx

  47. Mark Hardwick says:

    Just heard the news today. When I was in school in the 70’s The Rats was passed around and I got a copy of it. Was hooked. Read that and many others written by James, and led me on to read a lot of other authors too, which I probably would not have otherwise done. Gave me a great joy in reading, which I hopefully have passed on to my children too. Thank you James. You opened up a whole world for me that I found exciting and fun and scary, all at the same time. Love and thoughts to your family. And thanks for the scares!

  48. Diane Dickson says:

    Dear Mr James Herbert,
    Rest in peace. You were a truly talented and awe inspiring writer who will be sadly missed.
    Bless you. You helped me through some very difficult lonely times as a teenager. I could completely immerse my imagination with your book The Rats it was enthralling, gripping and scary but somehow of great comfort. Thank you. I shall never forget.
    My Deepest Sympathy goes to your family and friends and fellow readers and publishers.
    Yours sincerely ,
    Diane Dickson

  49. michael friend says:

    may i offer my deepest sympathy to james family and friends. i could not believe it when i heard the news,i felt really saddened. when i was younger i was not a big reader and i started to read the rats,from that point i was soon as the hardback of ash came out i bought it, and am enjoying the read.his books kept you on the edge of your seat,and at times i felt i was in the places that his storys were taking place such was his writing. i have read other similar books by different authors, but always could,nt wait for james next book to come out. i would have loved to have met james, but then so would many others. a very sad time. rest in peace

  50. Kenny Mackie says:

    I first bought the rats in 1978 as a teenager and was hooked immediatelly. I have bought every one of his books ever since. A very sad loss. My thoughts are with his family.

  51. pauline burton says:

    so sad to hear of his passing and so sad to know there will never be another new release to wait patiently for. My husband and I were so desperate to read them that we would each read a chapter aloud for many hours with much discussion and hiding behind cushions! My condolences to his wife and children, he will be greatly missed by millions of people around the world.

  52. john burton says:

    Couldn’t believe the sad news when I read it, James Herbert has been a part of my life since 1982 when I read The Rats (for the first time) and then read everything of his until I’d caught up with new releases. ’48, Nobody True and The Spear would be the 3 books that I would say are favourites but let’s be honest here, every book was fantastic mainly because all his characters were so very believable (even the faerie folk in Once). My thoughts are with James’ family.

  53. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Herbert. He is my favorite writer and the inspiration for my own writing. Rest in Peace, Mr. Herbert.

  54. Trefor John Morgan says:

    Such upsetting news to wake up to on Wednesday, he was my all time favourite author: I first read his book THE RATS and was hooked from page one, couldnt put it down. (infact I read it in one sitting!). My favourite book though was THE MAGIC COTTAGE which I have read over and over again. I loved his work.
    I admire the way his stories twist and turn, you never know whats going to happen next. The man was a literary genius and will be sorely missed. my thoughts go out to his wife Eileen and his three daughters – Kerry, Emma and Casey.
    James you are a hero of the horror genre, rest in peace my friend. Tref, X

  55. Kath Thomson says:

    He had me hooked from the 1st line of his 1st novel and I have read everything he has wrote since then.I am truly saddened to hear of his passing and will miss the anticipation of waiting for his next novel. R.I.P Mr Herbert and Thank You for all the enjoyment you have given me and many others. Sleep tight xx

  56. lesley hinde says:

    Very very very sad news, i was a big fan and have been for quiet a few years. I always had my books on pre order, and couldnt wait for the release of a new novel …He will be missed so so much…. My condolences to Mr. Herberts family and friends….He will be greatly missed………..

  57. c buckland says:

    A fantastic writer – love and thoughts to his family xxx

  58. samantha says:

    What sad news, James Herbert is a legend, very very sad news, what a loss, but his books will be around and read forever, God Bless xx

  59. Elaine Bamford says:

    Just heard the sad news whilst watching ant and dec as I was on hols last week and never heard anything about the untimely death of such an iconic writer. I am a huge fan of James Herbert’s novels, reading them many times over, and I can”t believe there will be no more. A sad day indeed for horror and literature fans everywhere. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP James. Gone but never to be forgotten.

  60. Jackie says:

    So so sad. Completely shell shocked by this news. Have grown up reading his books and he is the only author I have read that just grips me with his style of writing. Will be hugely missed x

  61. Anthony Clark says:

    As a teenager I was never interested in reading until I read The Rats and it led me into books and into a world I never knew existed. Thank you James .

  62. Vicky Salter says:

    My deepest condolences to the Herbert family and friends. James has, and always will, hold a very special place in my heart. I started reading his novels aged about 10, and he was my author for a GCSE coursework project, for which I received an A+. I have since read all his novels, and only bought Ash on Tuesday…can’t believe this will be the last. His books are a roller coaster of emotions and I’m so glad he was put on this planet…he has made an impact on my life and many other thousands of people….once you’ve read a James Herbert book, you NEVER forget it.
    RIP James. X

  63. Gina says:

    Just heard the sad news, gutted. James Herbert has always been my favourite author and it was after reading The Rats that my love of horror books began. Shall read Ash slowly and savour it.
    My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  64. ken rainbird says:

    I was so shocked to hear the sad news that James Herbert had passed away,all of his books made compelling of my favorites is The Magic Cottage along with The Others ,The Rats Trilogy .I will be reading Ash as soon as I get it.My sympathy goes out to his family.R.I.P James

  65. kim judy lund says:

    So very sad, I am 42 and have read all of his books since becoming hooked when I read The Fog and The Rats in the early 80’s. I have all his books in hardback (always on pre-order!). A true genuis who left an amazing legacy that will be enjoyed for generations to come. My thoughts are with his wife and daughters.

  66. mandy hale says:

    I am absolutely devastated at the sad loss of a truely great writer. I owe my love of reading horror to Mr Herbert when I first borrowed my brother”s copy of “The Rats” when I was sixteen, I read it in four hours and from there on I was hooked.I have just finished “Ash” and I find it hard to believe there won”t be any more. My deepest sympathy to his loved ones , he will be very sadly missed .

  67. Teresa Grinter says:

    I can’t believe that there now won’t be another James Herbert novel to keep me enthralled and immersed from beginning to end. His writing was such that even when you thought ‘that cannot be possible’ there would be some seed sown in your mind that it was reality. Like so many I’ve been hooked since “The Rats” and could hardly wait for the next one to be published. Rest in Peace James and my deepest condolences to his family.

  68. Jan D says:

    To a truly great imagination from a truly loyal reader. I have read every book you ever published and will NEVER give them away.
    R.I.P. James x

  69. theresa harry says:

    I am in total shock I love his books I have all of them he was and always will be my favourite novelist my deepest sympathy goes to his family he will be truly missed

  70. I would like to send my condolences to the family of James Herbert. I started reading his books when the Rats was published, Ihad an interest in horror writing and i didn’t get on with Stephen King books as i couldn’t imagine the scenes he set in America as well as i could a James Herbert story. I have all but acouple of his books now and i especially liked Ash as i have been to Culzean Castle where it is set and remembered all the places mentioned. Once again i was so sorry to hear of his death and hope his memory lives on a long time.

  71. Steve Ryan says:

    All good things come to an end, but true greatness will endure.
    I read the rats as a boy and eagerly awaited the next book released from James.
    I now read Ash as a man and am just as captivated as ever!
    I never read books for pleasure before reading the stories created by the master of horror, I grew up with James and will sadly miss him!
    My thoughts are with his family and with anyone who picks up one of his books and is as captivated as I. Goodby James your stories will endure!

  72. mark canning says:

    The loss of a true legend

  73. Evette Mailes says:

    James Herbert will be truly missed. My first book I read was the Magic Cottage, It is and still is my favourite book. Although every time I’m at London and on the underground and get that woosh of wind before the train comes, I always think of the rats… R.I.P x

  74. jane hopkins says:

    will be sadly missed rip james best writer ever xjane hopkins

  75. Stuart jones says:


  76. steve ferris says:

    RIP J will sadly missed got me reading again when thought would not touch another book but after reading the survivor kicked off my reading habit. always waited in anticipation for next book and never let me down, sad day but thanks for all great reads god bless you have left a legacy for all.

  77. Mark Pratley says:

    RIP James, what a sad loss, have read every book that he has written. He was great! He could always surprise. On a personal note back in July 1998, my daughter had an English project to complete which involved reading a novel, I suggested she read Magic Cottage, which she did, she then wrote to James with a serious of questions. We never expected to get a reply, surprise surprise we did, and he signed the letter, which is now framed and proudly hangs in my office. What a legacy he has left, my thoughts are with his family.

  78. Paul Smith says:

    Very sad news, my favourite horror writer and British to boot. Read all of his novels since discovering The Rats. Have a treasured autographed edition of The Ghosts of Sleath, never got to meet him but will be sorely missed, a great writer and talent, my thoughts to the family.

  79. Ian Melhuish says:

    Just found this site and had to leave a comment. I started reading the Rats in 1977 at the age of 13. I remember my class was reading to kill a mocking bird and I had the Rats inside that book. A great read and I never got caught. James Herbert’s books have always been special and he will be sadly missed.

  80. steph29 says:

    Only just heard this wful news, my deepest sympathies to the family , having unexpectedly lost my mum recently i know what a painful time this must be 4 them he was my favourite authour and one of the best horro writters in the world and will be deeply missed xx

  81. Tracy says:

    Still can’t quite believe it. I’ve read everything James ever wrote. His passing will leave us all with a sad emptyness. I will miss the anticipation of looking forward to his next great novel.
    My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
    Rest In Peace.

  82. Chris Boughton says:

    Can’t believe that I have only just heard this sad news. James Herbert was instrumental in getting me “hooked” on reading many years ago. He was a very talented writer who I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet. A great loss and my thoughts are with his family at this sad time. RIP James.

  83. Blimmey, I missed this piece of very sad news last week, Very shocked and saddened, I have 90 percent of James’ books and as a teenager his novels and stories really enriched my imagination and got me hooked on the supernatural and horror in general. He was, and is the best English Horror writer,
    Rest in Peace.

  84. Michael Bing says:

    My Sincere wishes are to Jimmy’s Family and close friends.
    I remember when I worked with his brother in law (Michael) on his central heating system, when he lived in Walthamstow, East London and he was locked in his bedroom writing the Rats.
    Jimmy had a very creative mind and to me was the best Horror writer of his age.
    I have almost all his books, including a copy of the ‘Fog’ personally signed for my girlfriend ‘To Mandy’.
    His books will live on as a legend to Horror writing of English total quality.
    I do remember, Jimmy saying he once spent a night in a haunted churchyard just to get the ‘feeling’ around him.
    To His wife and children go my deepest regrets, and if you remember the party where a relation ‘Patrick’ said when you bought a large dressed Salmon, ‘What size Tin was that in’? Patrick lived in the Channel Islands and was the brother of Maria who I knew as teenagers. Go Bless you and may he be with His God.
    Michael Bing

  85. Wayne Abraham says:

    Really shocked and saddened. It’s awful news the passing of one of the all time great supernatural/horror writers. I’ve read everything he ever wrote and will really miss his work, I was always looking forward to his next book release. My condolences to his wife, daughters and family, we have lost a literary great but they have lost far, far more.

  86. Elaine Rae says:

    I was stunned at this sad news, I had just arrived back in Adelaide from Manchester, where I might add i had just brought Ash, when I heard that you had passed quietly and peacefully in your sleep. gone are the nights of keeping me company when I could not sleep, gone are the times you helped me look under my bed for the monsters that laid there in waiting, gone are the next thrilling stories that you had been writing in your head…To James’s wife and daughters, you have been truly blessed to have loved such a man as James, I envy you, but then I think for every one of us that has brought one of his books, he gave us all a special part of himself and for that I am thankful… RIP James…..

  87. Jonathan Rose says:

    A lovely man and an inspiration to the genre. Read most of his books while growing up, and will never forget them. The images stay with you – and never leave. I met Jim at a book-signing in London (Sepulchre) in 1987, he was charming and really had time for his fans. He will be sorely missed. My sincere condolences to all the family.

  88. Angela Da’Bell says:

    Shocked and sad, condolences to family & freinds, I took it for granted that there would be more books to come, so sorry x

  89. Margaret McIlravie says:

    James Herbert was, since 1978, favourite author. Never surpassed. I read The Jonah when I was 16, and again when i was 40. What a story. It’s so difficult to choose my favourite but Creed comes close. What a book!!! Although, The Magic cottage was fantastic, as was Moon!!! Loved everything the great man wrote. It was an ambition to meet him personally! Oh well, maybe I will in the next life. Thoughts and condolences to the family xx

  90. Steve Willis says:

    James Herbert has been my favourite author ever since I first read The Rats. A true genius, his books have kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I bought Ash the day it hit the bookstores. I have yet to start reading it because I am currently re-reading Sepulchre but I look forward to starting Ash. James will be sadly missed by myself and my wife. Our love and best wishes go out to his wife and daughters.
    R.I.P James. The best Horror writer of all time.

  91. Baz Gibbs says:

    I’m gutted at this sad news.
    I grew up reading Herbert novels and enjoyed every one of them, collected them in hardbacks when they were first published and loved his style, his characters and the way he painted pictures with his words.
    He was one of the best horror writers and a fantastic author.
    Many best wishes to his family and friends – and all of the millions of readers who enjoyed his work. He’ll be sadly missed but his legacy of words will live on forever.

  92. Beverley Mayer says:

    What sad news. James Herbert fuelled my interest in reading as a teenager and establishing Horror as my favourite genre. The Rats was the second novel I read. Fluke was a classic, and Moon is one of my all-time favourites – James had a particular talent for writing erotic scenes! Have spent almost 30 years now spanning the H shelf for new realeases. Thank you for many enjoyable hours you will be missed.

  93. Antony says:

    The greatest author I’ve read. So sad to hear the news of James death. My thoughts are with his family.
    You’ve given me so much pleasure over the years. You owe me many a nights sleep. Instead of sleeping and getting ready for work the next day I’ve sat up all night engrossed in one of your classics. Loved every book. I’m defo gonna miss you. Thanks for every book James

  94. tich b,ham. says:

    I first read The Rats as a 14 year old(1974) and looked forward with baited breath for the next offering from James Herbert up to the release of Ash.I will miss that anticipation.My deepest sympathy to Mr Herberts family.He will be greatly missed. Tich.(Quinton)

  95. Terry Thatcher says:

    I grew up reading James Herbert’s novels – I still remember reading the Spear in bed at night when I should have been going to sleep – and everyone has been a masterpiece. Beats the likes of Stephen King every time and always had that spooky English feel to them that made them just that little bit more personal.
    The great man will be very sadly missed but he has left an amazing legacy for millions to enjoy.
    RIP James Herbert

  96. Mary Barry Sythes says:

    Nobody will ever sing Buddy Holly songs in the back of a coach like you did Jim. Many happy memories of you and the boys at discos and outings. R I P.
    Condolences to your wife and family from Mary Barry (Clerk)

  97. Richard Deverill says:

    James will be truly missed by many a reader including myself,his was the first adult novel I read it is him I have to thank for opening a world of reading for pleasure.Although I haven’t read one of his books in quite a while I remember with great fondness my first experiences of tucking myself in the corner of a sofa with a hot drink and one of his novels.Thank you James I would have missed so much without you

  98. Alan Smout says:

    You will sadly missed by me and many others. I have read all of your books and you are the only one that i can mot put down.

  99. Angela Fish says:

    What a great loss to the world of literature. My favourite author, I have all his books

  100. Vonny Broadley-Doyle says:

    My sincere condolences to James Herberts family.
    Because of James, I became a writer and I shall always treasure his letters to me, a couple of which were within the last 3 weeks of his life. When I met him a few times, (as our families were local to each others) he read a few chapters I wrote at 15 and motivated me to carry on with my dreams.
    I shall miss him and his inspirational genuine support.
    RIP James Herbert, a truly good man xx

  101. Phil Passingham says:

    Your books have kept me entertained for over 30 years. Thank you for the memories James. Simply the best horror writer bar none. RIP.

  102. Very sad at the passing of my all time favourite horror writer.

    I have written a tribute to the great man on my Blog here:

  103. Still can’t believe it truly gutted. Mr Herbert was the first author I read by free choice as I was still a school. I overheard my father talking about a booked called the Rats so once he’d read it I snook it off the shelf and from that day I was hooked. James descriptions within each novel were brilliant from the action to the surroundings. He described a canal side warehouse in the Lair where a child ran by up a spiral walkway to the road. A rat followed and watched the child…… there still a building very similar to this near my home…. as a child I sprinted by this if I passed it…. Just In Case.
    Mr Herbert will be missed by me even though I’d never met him. RIP
    Mick Shackleton

  104. graham says:

    sorry bit late but only just found out, excellent books pity none have ever been made into a movie, great loss to the written world

    rest in peace


  105. Richard says:

    R.I.P. Mr Herbert ..

    you gave me my best nightmares, thankyou

  106. Terry says:

    So sad, I have just finished reading Ash and had no idea of James’s demise. Condolences to all who were nearest and dearest to him.

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